About Us

CHEM-EARTH Technologies Incorporation was established in January 2004. The main office is situated in the center of Manila-Mandaluyong City. The increasing demand for committed technical solutions provider for wastewater treatment, water treatment, specialty & cleaning chemicals gave birth to the company. Our people is our best asset. We have assembled the finest team of dedicated and experienced professionals whose energies and capabilities are focused in delivering appropriate, efficient, lasting and timely solutions to our client's need. Our team gained technical experience in more than a hundred different projects nationwide in industries such as manufacturing, power corporation, refinery, automotive, food & beverages, hotels, office buildings, malls, hospitals, government offices and a lot more.

Our Mission

Driven by the will to serve, our mission is to provide quality products and services with excellent customer service and continous research and development using advances technology and environment friendly approach while maintaining safe working conditions.

Our Vision

To be well known worldwide competing with the global market and be recognized as an excellent Filipino Company in our field of expertise.


At CHEM-EARTH innovation isn't just our job - it's our passion. Our research and development team continuously look for smarter, better ways to help our customers. Here, we don't just accept change. We make it happen.

We provide comprehensive evaluation, analysis and solutions even to the toughest problem of our clients pertaining to maintenance of their water and wastewater treatments concern, biodegradability of specialty & cleaning chemicals products. Our systems-based approach skillfully unites revolutionary products and services, most technologically advances equipment, and comprehensive training and support by our team of experts who are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our products and services minimize adverse environmental impact and are safe to use. We take responsible measures by informing our customers of our services and products' environmental impact and their proper usage and application. Regular visits to customers as part of our after-sales service are done to ensure safety and customer satisfaction.

For some companies, services is an afterthought. It's something that occurs long after the sale, and only when necessary. At CHEM-EARTH, however, service is the impetus behind everything we do and everything we offer, from the very moment our partnership with you begins.

Core Values

Our name is our biggest selling factor, when you heard the word CHEM-EARTH in the market, it is synonymous to "RELIABILITY".

The job that we perform in CHEM-EARTH is our signature and we make it a point that the marked is "EXCELLENT".

Every job is an excitement and we commit our heart and mind to it.